Sunday, June 30, 2013

Will Be Revamping my Site Soon

I'm currently making some new work so I could revamp my website soon. I will be keeping the images there as is, I'm planning to just point the domain to the new location once everything is set up. I'm quite excited and I hope it works.

I have been experimenting with some things much more lately - from watercolors to pencils to charcoal to acrylic paint, and sometime this June, something happened that made me go, "Hey, I'm very comfortable with this approach, and I think I can do more of this"; so I started working on it more, (and I still do), in order to see what happens.

Here are some of what I've created so far.

Man canoeing 

An entomologist observing the migration of monarch
butterflies as they head south for the winter

I like drawing trees, and I don't know why, well, probably it's because they're organic looking and just random - the leaves and branches - they just look random; their looks somehow appeal to me. Maybe that's why.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Blog Resurrected! The Shogun's Wife

So I was looking at some photos of Hannya masks online and had an idea to create this.

I had this story in my head where a Shogun's wife became so jealous of her three female servants that she killed them, fled and went into hiding in the dark forest on the edge of town and was never seen again, until one day, a woodcutter found a Hannya-mask-looking rock in the forest. The woodcutter died that same night and the townspeople noticed that the trees and animals started dying too.

The old people said that it was the spirit of the jealous woman that was causing all the problems, but little did they know that were even more horrifying things to come!

Illustration "The Shogun's Wife"

Sample Layout (Click image to enlarge) Text taken from Cicero's Oration which is in Latin.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Great White Shark

Did you guys know that great white sharks can eat sea lions whole? Well, according to this website "Shark Facts!" they can. Of course, whenever I watch Animal Planet, I feel sorry for the sea lions and seals, but then, when I see sea lions eat penguins, I feel sorry for the penguins. I know I can do nothing, and even if I can, I know that I should do nothing about it. It's how the world works in the animal kingdom, and unlike some humans who kill animals for pleasure (think of those people who kill elephants, deer, etc. for pleasure), these animals kill for survival.

I remember watching an episode of "Mad Mike and Mark" on Animal Planet. I think it was Mike who went inside a cage underwater and had close encounters with a Great White shark, and when he went back up to the boat, he told Mark that the experience was "life-changing" or something, I'm not sure, but you can really see on his face that the experience was exhilarating!

Anyway, if you guys want to know more about Great White Sharks, just visit the website mentioned above. Here's a shark drawing. Ref: "Discover Science and Nature" book.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Whale Drawings

I've been reading some articles online about whales. Whales are, of course, intelligent animals. Environmentalists say that we should consider whales and dolphins as "non-human persons." And I agree. Here are some whale drawings I did. :)

Sperm whale, killer whale, blue whale and pilot whale

Narwhal and Humpback whale

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dip Pen, Ink, Watercolor and Acrylic Washes

Been dabbling with dip pen and ink, some watercolor and acrylic paint. I know, I know, they look crappy. Just for practice and study. :)

Dip pen, ink, watercolor on vellum paper

Dip pen, ink, watercolor and acrylic on vellum paper

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Panda Sketches!

I'm doing an illustration that has a panda bear in it, so I did some studies just to familiarize myself with panda bear features.  :)